Greetings From Cold Barstow

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Greetings From Cold Barstow

Post by Amskeptic » Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:21 pm

I am at the same Starbucks where Dad and I suffered through the breakdown of the air-conditioning. . .


In the above thread are the photographs of that beautiful valley we traversed in the heat.

Last night, I parked the Squareback at the bottom of the valley where the once-barren wash was trickling in the cool moonlight. I got out and was reliably overwhelmed by a beautiful celestial canopy with Orion way up high.

I pulled Box o' Dad out of the car and found that he was actually a Bag o' Dad inside of the box. We walked out into the desert under those stars.
In a little sand valley, I opened up the bag and made three throws of ashes that fanned out beautifully like feathery exclamation points. I turned and walked 79 paces, one for each year he was on this Earth + one for the gestation in his mom. I threw three more exclamation points Thank you God Thank you Dad Thank you Earth.

Then I threw three ash exclamations into the trickling water. They fanned out with a flat finish on the water in the moonlight. Beautiful. "Dad, back into the river of time go you."

Walked back to the car with a knotted stomach only for the fact that Dad was now no longer complete in his ash itineration. Tied him back up with the dog tag and stuffed him back into the box. Pulled back out onto the road and drove up the other side of the beautiful valley. "I hope I didn't scatter your ears Dad because I have to tell you it is beautiful out here in the night."

No longer complete. That is the way it goes. We become pieces of others. We pass on the baton of the miracle through generations of people who came before us and they took shines to facets of spirit in those who were with them in that moment of time, and now there are those who take a shine to various facets of our spirits and they are passed on to those who take a shine to more facets and they pass them on to those they meet and these facets of spirit, they flow and mix through the currents of time.
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Post by Randy in Maine » Wed Jan 16, 2008 1:32 pm

How very true Colin.

We all just rent here on earth and you don't get to come around for second helpings. I think Joplin said, "don't compomise yourself, because it is all you have."

Perhaps your father has found some peace and is at rest. Peace is pretty good to have.
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