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Juggs & slugs

Post by soulful66 » Sat May 15, 2010 3:18 pm

I have a set of NOS 2.0L porsche high compression pistons, cyls, and rings. $600.00 shipped in conus

a set of new 1800cc pistons, cyls, and rings. $500.00 shipped in conus

I have 1700cc cases, cranks, used piston/cyl sets, and heads

cooling fans with all the vanes intact $60.00 shipped in conus
cooling fans with a missing vane or two $40.00 shipped in conus

A lot of bay bus and camper parts in Colorado from over 20 years in the bus game. I am not getting out of it, just really downsizing in prep for my retirement in my current field.
'72 westy 3TC
'73 westy 1700 dual solex
'79 westy 2000 F.I.

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