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2020 Process/Payment

Posted: Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:22 pm
by Amskeptic

Full Day $640.00 9AM-7PM
Half Day $340.00 (5 hours wherever we decide to stick it)

D Deposit PayPal:
$320.00 Full Day
$240.00 Half Day
PayPal payable to <>
**** In the "comment" box, you shall put your username/real life name, your street address, and your phone number. This is my "cloud" data back-up, people! *******

B Balance Cash
$320.00 Full Day
$100.00 Half Day

You receive an IAC-certified red D next to your name on the 2020 Itinerary Schedule when your deposit posts to PayPal. That is my contractual obligation to be at your door at 9:00AM on the listed day.

Deposits are non-refundable if you screw up our date or your household finances collapse between now and your appointment. Let the sting be soothed by your willingness to consider it a contribution to a worthy cause to help your fellow forum members keep their beloved VWs healthy.

Deposits are happily refunded if I screw up getting to your house because of stupidity or crashes in Colorado, or if any other unforeseen interruption should occur.

I will endeavor to meet you halfway if there is a miscommunication or circumstance, and I hope that you extend the same sort of effort if I blow out a front seal in Wyoming and try to fit you in later somehow.


1. 2020 Initial Interest Gauge
a) Jump in! Tell us what projects/learning you are interested in and what area of the country you are in and a generally wished-for appointment date. This is just to get all the many pieces of the puzzle on the table. If you post an interest in the Initial Interest Gauge, expect a PM from me to help us formulate a plan.

a) You MUST provide your user name, your real name, your address, and your contact number with your PayPal deposit in the comment box. It is my free "cloud storage" of your information should my laptop decide to kick the bucket

b) if we met on theSamba, please PM your Samba username and your real name and your IAC username to help me synchronize our earlier correspondences!
All future correspondence must occur via PM here.

3. PM me here on the Itinerant Air-Cooled site with:
a) your questions,
b) your List of Concerns from most-important to least important,
c) assessment of your mechanical aptitude, things you'd like to learn.
d) work environment, either rain-proof or plan b for a rainy day.
e) is this a Road Warrior or a weekend putterer? What are your dreams and hopes for this car?

4. I respond with Edited List and Preliminary Parts Guess.
YOU are the driver of this correspondence process.
YOU are the driver of this correspondence process.
YOU are the driver of this correspondence process.
Utilize it in the service of your preparation for a productive day.

5. On the forum, YOU keep an eye on the dates filling in and the locations of where these dates are filling in. You watch for a date to show up next to your name. It is a rough-in to let me line up appoints prior and subsequent to you. If the date is not good, PM me forthwith and at once!
Once we have agreed upon a date, you send in your PayPal deposit to:

< >

In the comment box of your PayPal payment window, you SHALL provide your username, real name, address, phone number. (this step is my free "cloud storage" if my computer should ever fritz on me)

6. A red D next to your name occurs when your deposit posts to my PayPal. It is our contractual obligation to each other. I will be there on the appointed day at 9:00AM petitioning the house staff for a cup of coffee. I generally refuse to engage in the niceties of confirmation phone calls unless I expect to be more than 15 minutes late or already dead.

Questions? PM me "Amskeptic".