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Moderation (updated12/01/09)

Post by Amskeptic » Sun Aug 13, 2006 6:10 pm

We might have to unilaterally delete posts. You may be accorded an opportunity to edit your own post if it does not meet the basic standards of civility. We will try to edit rather than delete. Opinions will be spared, profanity and personal insults will not.

Spirited discussions are welcome so long as they stick to whatever topic is at hand and do not descend into personal attack. Personal attacks are evidence of losing the argument. If you sense that you have "lost the argument" please regroup or try again to persuade others of your position with new evidence. Slamming the character of your debate partner achieves nothing. Losing an argument gracefully is often the classier moment.

As a general rule, emotions are an intimate experience that we all have personal responsibility over. This site does not give much credence to defending or protecting people's emotional triggers. If you have been outraged recently, deal with the emotional elements with yourself on your own time. Then plan to move along or perhaps offer a well-executed rejoinder that uses your intelligence, your adult skill sets (humor is always appreciated).

Your insights are welcome.
(so why was this topic locked for four years?? -admin)
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