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IAC Forum FAQs

Post by Sluggo » Mon Apr 10, 2006 1:51 pm

Here are some FAQs specific to the IAC Forums.

If you have any suggestions for this section, please PM Sluggo or e-mail me at randy@itinerant-air-cooled.com.

Q: How do I contact the Admin?
A: PM Sluggo or e-mail: randy@itinerant-air-cooled.com

Q: How do I set up a day with Colin?
A: Send a PM to Amskeptic. He'll let you know the details.

Q: I am having problems logging in or posting. Who do I contact?
A: Send a PM to Sluggo. Include your username, password, e-mail address a short message stating the specific problem your having.

Q: Can I have a forum for my club?
A: Just ask! Send a PM to Sluggo with the name, location, functions and contact info. Then we'll see. You can start your own Message Board with phpBB2.

Q: Can I suggest a forum?
A: Yes! Anyone can suggest a forum. We may or may not use it. PM Sluggo for details.

Q: Can I have a different name for my ranking? (i.e.: that little statement under your username that indicates how many posts you have.)
A: Maybe. Send me a PM. You must have at least 200 posts before you ask to change you rank. Or have a special circumstance, business or name in the VW or IAC community.

Currently the ranks are:
0-49: I'm New!
50-249: Getting Hooked!
250-499: Addicted!
500-999: Old School!
1000-More: IAC Addict!

Special Ranks are:
IAC Complaints. Dept: That's Me (sluggo)
IAC "Help Desk": That's Colin (amskeptic)
Trusted Air-Cooled Mechanic: People we know who are very well respected and knowledgable in air-cooled VWs.